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Clinical Research Courses in India 2021-22: Course, Jobs, Eligibility & More!

Engineering and MBBS have become everyone’s choice when it comes to choosing a career after 12th. But most of you may not have given any thought to Clinical Research, although it is a very demanding branch of Medical Research. It helps you to be a part of research centres for drugs and cures. This article will give you an inside review of the Clinical research careers and clinical research jobs available after clinical research courses.

When the Indian Government stated that each medicine should be presented in the market only after a clinical researcher examines it, the demand for clinical researchers becomes high.

Latest surveys have shown that around 60,000 clinical professionals are required to bring this rule into reality. In this article, you will find all information related to Clinical Research and Clinical Research Investigators.

1. What is Clinical Research?
2. Various Clinical Research Courses in India
3. How to become a Clinical Research Investigator?
4. NEET PG Useful Resouces
5. Clinical Research Job Opportunities
6. Top institutes in India Offering Clinical Research
7. Frequent Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is a division of healthcare science that involves studying the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment for human use. Clinical Research determines the best way for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

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A person who practices Clinical Researches and has studied clinical research courses is usually referred to as a Clinical Research Investigator. The field of Clinical Research is generally divided into three major parts, i.e.

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  • Patient-Oriented research
  • Epidemiologic and Behavioral research
  • Health Service research

The experiments are done with a test article subjected to pre-clinical studies or animal studies.

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Various Clinical Research Courses in India

To work as a Clinical Research Investigator, one can earn a degree in following a Clinical Research course. A Bachelor’s Degree in life sciences or pharmacy is a must to enter this field.

1Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical ResearchBachelors degree or Diploma in Clinical Research1 year
2Bachelor of Science in Clinical ResearchBachelor of Science in Clinical Research can be pursued with a bachelor degree in Pharmacy, Life Science, Medicine or Bioscience (Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry and Genetics).  The admission criteria may vary from institute to institute.3 years
3Master of Science in Clinical ResearchBachelor’s degree in any Biological Sciences2 year
4Certificate in Clinical ResearchGraduation6 months

How to become a Clinical Research Investigator?

Those with a Life science or Pharmacy background can take a PhD in different Clinical Research Courses. Students having Research degrees may have numerous areas of research to choose from in the Clinical Research Field.

There are a sample of state and private funded Colleges in India offering different Clinical Research courses. Getting admission to a college that provides Clinical Research is not that challenging compared to other pure medical degrees like MBBS.

Clinical Research Courses Curriculum

Here in this section, we provide detailed information about the Clinical research courses curriculum for diploma, certification or pg courses. Let’s have a look.

ParticularCourses Curriculum
DiplomaBasic Safety
Clinical Trial Planning and design
Clinical research Guidelines and Regulations
Clinical Trial Conduct, Compliance and Quality Assurance
Clinical Research Management
Data Analysis and Management in Clinical Research
PG Diploma in Clinical ResearchModule 1: Introduction to clinical research
Module 2: Pharmacology and drug development
Module 3: Ethics and Guidelines in Clinical Research
Module 4: Regulation in Clinical Research
Module 5: Clinical Trial Management
Module 6: Clinical Data Management & Biostatistics

BSc Clinical Research Curriculum

Semester ISemester II
Spoken EnglishAdvanced Spoken English
Management ConceptsOrganizational Behaviour And Human Resource Management
Fundamentals Of Clinical ResearchMarketing Management
Introduction To Health CareHealth, Hospital And Drug Administration
Mind Management And Human ValuesMedical Therapeutics-I
Semester IIISemester IV
Communicative EnglishResearch Methodology
Analytical And Clinical BiochemistryPharmacology-II
Basics of BiostatisticsFundamentals of Clinical Trials Operations
Bioethics And Bio SafetyGlobal Regulations Of clinical Trial
Preclinical StudiesEnvironmental Studies
Business Application-ExcelMolecular Diagnostics
Medical Therapeutics-II
Semester VSemester VI
Fundamentals of Pharmacovigilance and safety reportingMedical Records Management
Clinical Data ManagementBasic Epidemiology
Medical writingQuality In Healthcare and Total Quality Management
Project ManagementEthics In Clinical Research
Healthcare AdministrationHospital Management And Law
SAS TrainingSoft Skills & Personality Development Training
Minor Project as per approved topicInternship Training & Reporting
Major Project As Per Approved Topic

Clinical Research Job Opportunities

Recent changes in regulations have a significant influence on a Clinical Research Investigator’s life. Latest studies prove that the Clinical Research field, which is currently having business growth of around 250 crores, will soon increase around 5000 crores. This profession helps investigators to end up with good income like doctors.

Many research sectors, such as Pharma Industries, Biotech Companies, Research Labs etc., have opened job opportunities for clinical investigators. Various types of Clinical Research positions are available, and a few of them are:

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
  • Clinical Research Managers (CRM)
  • Clinical Research Coordinator (CRO)
  • Counsellors
  • Project Manager

Job Profile & Average Salary

Job ProfileJob RoleAverage Starting Salary
BiostatisticianCombines mathematics, statistics and science to arrive at the best possible solutions to the problems in the public health sector.Rs 2.50 Per Annum
Clinical Research AssociateCollects and preserves the data obtained during various trials and studies conducted to know more about the issues in the public health sectorRs 3 Per Annum
Clinical Research CoordinatorDevelops, implements and coordinates research and administrative procedures for successfully managing clinical trials.Rs 2 Per Annum

Top institutes in India Offering Clinical Research

Many colleges in India offer this course. A few of them are:

  • Indian Institute of Clinical Research (ICRI), Mumbai
  • Asian Institute of Health Sciences, Mumbai
  • Apeejay Institute of Health Sciences, Mumbai
  • Saveetha University, Gurgaon
  • ICBIO Clinical Research, Bangalore

NEET PG Useful Resouces

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Frequent Asked Question (FAQs)

Q. What are some career opportunities in clinical research?

A. The role of a clinical research associate, in simple terms, is to coordinate the collection, distribution and storage of data obtained during clinical trials. The execution of this role, however, involves quite a few responsibilities.
1. Develop and write clinical trial protocols
2. Develop forms and templates for data collection
3. Coordinate with the Ethics committee to ensure trials are conducted in an ethical manner
4. Set up trial sites, ensure trials are conducted as per procedures and regulations
5. Educate patients, doctors and other personnel about the trial
6. Monitor the conduct of trials at various sites and review data for regulatory submissions
7. Prepare reports, presentations and manuscripts for publications

Q. Why do you think clinical research is a prospective career option?

A. Clinical Research is a field of science working towards developing new and better ways to cure diseases and finding methods to enhance one’s overall quality of life. With the help of clinical trials, researchers have found cures to diseases, which were considered incurable in the past. A career in clinical research allows you to contribute to this noble cause and make a difference in people’s lives.
In addition to this, Clinical Research is an industry with a multitude of diverse workplaces. You can work in the field, perform clinical trials, work in a corporate office, or coordinate research. This gives you many options to choose from while opting for a career option.
Another factor that makes this an advantageous career option is that it offers handsome salaries to candidates straight from the entry-level.

Q. How do I become a clinical research associate?

A. A person should be of life sciences or medical background; if you are from these domains, try to gain some knowledge about clinical research by attending any courses like a diploma or any other relevant courses. If you already have decent expertise in clinical research, then apply and try to attend walk-in from CROs. If you clear the interview, then you can start as a fresher.

Q. What are clinical research opportunities after BDS?

A. Clinical Research has high demands in the Pharmaceutical Industry if you choose Clinical Research, these are the position you can get in:
1. As Principal Investigator
2. As Co-investigator
3. As Medical Advisor
4. As Drug Developer
5. As Regulatory Affairs Manager
6. As Clinical Research
7 Physician Technical Writer

Q. What is a better career move, a senior research coordinator or a clinical research manager?

A. A medical studies coordinator (CRC), now and again referred to as a clinical trial manager, performs an imperative role in medical studies of all kinds. They commonly paintings below the course of the foremost investigator (PI), who’s in the price of designing, engaging in, and coping with the medical trial from an excessive level. It is the CRC’s job then to assist, facilitate, and prepare everyday scientific trial activities.
Clinical studies coordinators also work alongside the department, sponsor, and institution to manual them through compliance, finances, and personnel problems. The CRC manages the everyday medical operations sports, overseeing and executing delegated responsibilities to suitable events. clinical research manager

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