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Top 7 Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan for Indian Students Provide the best Education

Top 7 Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan for Indian Students: One of the well-known locations for MBBS study abroad is Kyrgyzstan. This nation is situated in Asia’s heartland. Numerous visitors and residents are drawn to the country by its diversity of cultures. However, it can be pretty challenging to get into a top medical College in India due to a shortage of government medical seats and high tuition costs at private colleges. This circumstance presents the option to pursue an MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

Regarding studying medicine, Kyrgyzstan’s MBBS programme has grown highly popular among Indian medical students because of the country’s top-notch medical schools that provide high-quality education at reasonable costs. Some of the most prestigious organisations in the world, including WHO, NMC, and UNESCO, recognise Kyrgyzstan’s MBBS colleges. Check out this page if you’re considering completing your MBBS studies in Kyrgyzstan and want to know the best MBBS colleges in Kyrgyzstan with fee structures.

Country Overview

LanguageKyrgyz, Russian, English
Area199,900 km²
Population65.9 lakhs (2020)
CurrencyKyrgyzstani som
Exchange Rate1 INR = 1.01 KGS
1. List of Top 7 Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan for Indian Students
1.1. Osh State University
1.2 Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
1.3 Jalal-Abad State University
1.4 Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
1.5 Asian Medical Institute
1.6 International School of Medicine
1.7 Salymbekov Medical University
2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
3. Frequently Asked Questions

List of Top 7 Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan for Indian Students

Many students worldwide are fighting for admission to the best medical universities in Kyrgyzstan, including the Altai State Medical University, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, and Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy. For international students, Kyrgyzstan offers accommodation and education at reasonable prices. Therefore, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is a good option to receive the highest education possible while paying less. 

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Abroad Lead
Top Medical Universities Ranking
Osh State University, Medical Faculty6
Kyrgyz State Medical Academy9
Jalal-Abad State University, Jalal-Abad17
Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University5
Asian Medical Institute30
International School of Medicine, Bishkek22
Salymbekov Medical University45

1. Osh State University

Osh State Medical University was established in 1951. Osh State Medical University is One of the renowned state medical universities in Osh (Kyrgyzstan). Osh State Medical University was established in 1951. The outstanding facilities and excellent instruction at Kyrgyzstan’s Osh State Medical University make it a particularly popular choice among Indian students. The Osh State Medical University is constantly working to develop new teaching methods while preserving culture and heritage.

Osh State University Medical Faculty Kyrgyzstan
ParticularYearly Fees Structure
Fees in Indian RupeesRs.2.56 Lakhs
Hostel and Food Fees in RupeesRs. 24 K (approx.)
Total Fees in Indian RupeesRs.2.80 Lakhs

2. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

International students looking to study MBBS abroad are increasingly focusing on Kyrgyzstan. One of the oldest and most popular medical schools in Kyrgyzstan is the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy. It is one of the top-ranked public colleges, providing high-quality instruction, knowledgeable faculty, and a sizable campus with first-rate facilities.

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Kyrgyzstan
ParticularYearly Fees Structure
Fees in Indian RupeesRs.3.60 Lakhs
Hostel and Food Fees in RupeesRs. 48 K (approx.)
Total Fees in Indian RupeesRs.4.08 Lakhs

3. Jalal-Abad State University

Jalalabad State University was founded in 1993 and is an internationally recognised University. The Medical Council of India, the World Health Organization, and UNESCO have all approved the university. Students who earn an MBBS in Kyrgyzstan from this university are eligible to work anywhere around the globe. Additionally, there is no language barrier in the classroom because English is the language of instruction.

Jalal-Abad State University Kyrgyzstan
ParticularYearly Fees Structure
Fees in Indian RupeesRs.2.29 Lakhs
Hostel and Food Fees in RupeesRs. 40 K (approx.)
Total Fees in Indian RupeesRs.2.69 Lakhs

4. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

Kyrgyzstan, also known as the Kyrgyz Republic, is located in Central Asia, With Bishkek as its capital. The high level of education that is offered, which satisfies international standards, distinguishes the MBBS programme in Kyrgyzstan as a reasonable alternative. The nation bordered by mountains is bordered by China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
ParticularYearly Fees Structure
Fees in Indian RupeesRs.4.32 Lakhs
Hostel and Food Fees in RupeesRs. 48 K (approx.)
Total Fees in Indian RupeesRs.4.80 Lakhs

5. Asian Medical Institute

Affordable MBBS courses are available at the Asian Medical Institute. In Kant, Kyrgyzstan, the Asian Medical Institute was founded in 2004. It is only 20 KM from Bishkek, the country’s capital, and 40 KM from Manas International Airport. It is also known as the S. Tentishev Asian Medical Institute and maintains S. Tentishev’s name. Since the Asian Medical Institute has received approval from the National Medical Commission, Indian students can trust it.

Study MBBS Abroad
asian medical institute kyrgyzstan
Fees in Indian RupeesRs.2.40 Lakhs
Hostel and Food Fees in RupeesRs. 40 K (approx.)
Total Fees in Indian RupeesRs.2.80 Lakhs

6. International School of Medicine

The  International School of Medicine (ISM) is a medical school located in Bishkek. The International University of Kyrgyzstan, which maintains it, has a structural division by that name. For Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad, the International School of Medicine now provides one of the greatest medical educations at affordable MBBS fees in Kyrgyzstan. Compared to other foreign countries where Indians travel to study medical education, the total MBBS fees at ISM for 2022 (September) are modest (Indian Rupees 16.10 Lacs).

International Higher School of Medicine Kyrgyzstan
Fees in Indian RupeesRs.3.6 Lakhs
Hostel and Food Fees in RupeesRs. 52 K (approx.)
Total Fees in Indian RupeesRs.4.12 Lakhs

7. Salymbekov Medical University

The Askar Salymbekov Foundation relaunched educational projects in 2012, which identified the most crucial areas for promoting the development of human resources, education, and science, and consequently, the formation of a replacement generation of enlightened youth. The Askar Salymbekov Foundation established The Salymbekov University Institution in 2019, a direct continuation of those previously launched educational projects. The Salymbekov Medical University in Kyrgyzstan has medical technology, magnificent new buildings, and a highly competitive medical faculty with training in medicine, experience, and English proficiency.

Fees in Indian RupeesRs.2.44 Lakhs
Hostel and Food Fees in RupeesRs. 48 K (approx.)
Total Fees in Indian RupeesRs.2.92 Lakhs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

In this section, we provide some information about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan; students interested in studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan must know the most important advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. Let’s have a look.

S.No.Advantages of Studying MBBS in KyrgyzstanDisadvantages of Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
1.Degrees with International RecognitionOvercrowded universities
2.The Economical Cost of Living and EducationCheating Agents
3.Indian CuisineCommunication
4.Modern and superior teaching methodsEnvironment
5.Excellent Student-Teacher RatioChallenging to locate universities that offer high-quality care
6.Instructional MediaNot everyone enjoys the weather in Kyrgyzstan.
7.High Quality of EducationLess Passing Rate
8.Significant Practical ExperienceMBBS Degree Cost
9.Favourable Climatic Conditions
10.No Additional Entrance Exam

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best medical university in Kyrgyzstan?

The following are the top-ranking medical universities in Kyrgyzstan:
Osh State University.
Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.
Jalal-Abad State University.
Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University.
Asian Medical Institute.

What about Kyrgyzstan for MBBS?

Young Indian students have many options, including the MBBS programme in Kyrgyzstan. In Kyrgyzstan, medical care is reasonably priced and guarantees quality education within a set pricing system. Additionally, numerous MCI- and WHO-approved private and public colleges in Kyrgyzstan provide MBBS programmes.

What is the total cost of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

The cost of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is approximately 13-20lakh (fees can differ for different universities ).

Is it worth studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

Yes, studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is worth it because of the Low fees, and the medical universities of Kyrgyzstan are NMC and WHO-approved.

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