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Why is MBBS Cheap in Russia? See the complete top reason here.

Why is MBBS Cheap in Russia: Since the Soviet era, Russia has maintained a respectable place in the field of medicine, largely thanks to its top-tier hospitals and the fact that its MBBS tuition was comparably less than that of the rest of the globe. Since the 17th century, this has continued as Russia’s number of medical universities has increased. More than 50 medical universities are already offering top-notch instruction to all students. There is a good reason why students worldwide choose to study MBBS in Russia. All students are guaranteed an affordable MBBS education in Russia, thanks to Russian universities.

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Of the top 100 medical schools worldwide, 30 are in Russia. Russia is the eighth most popular study location in the world due to its high-quality instruction and affordable cost of attending medical school there. The National Medical Commission of India has approved 55 medical universities in Russia.

Why is MBBS Cheap in Russia? Top Reason

Reason 1

Even the Russian Federation’s government demonstrates a solid commitment to advancing accessible education, as seen by the fact that a sizable portion of its annual budget is allocated to this sector. As a result, students can take advantage of the most affordable MBBS courses at the best Russian Universities. This is valid even for the best medical universities in Russia, which provide MBBS programmes at lower costs than those offered by Indian institutions.

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Reason 2

When we take into account the curriculum and university coverage, MBBS in Russia also emerges as a much better option. The WHO‘s “Directory of World Medical Schools” lists Russia as having some of the greatest medical schools in the world. For the least amount of money possible, students can learn using a curriculum that the medical councils have approved in nations like the USA, UK, India, Canada, etc. As a result, students who complete this program and receive an MBBS degree are eligible to take a number of international licencing exams, such as the FMGE Exam of India and the USMLE Exam of the United States.

Reason 3

What distinguishes MBBS in Russia? The fact that most Russian colleges use a “direct entry” system makes tuition costs more affordable. This relieves parents and students of a significant financial burden by removing the requirement for students to pay capitation fees or donate. When it comes to both countries’ fee structures, this may be a game-changer.

Reason 4

Additionally, students swarm to this location in great numbers when they learn that they have the chance to enrol in colleges with the lowest MBBS tuition in Russia.

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Reason 5

The sole explanation is the high calibre of instruction provided by Russia’s leading MBBS colleges. In Russia, students who complete the medical program are awarded the M.D. (Physician) degree comparable to the MBBS in India.

Reason 6

For Indian students, the Russian government has offered a 50% tuition cost and medical education subsidy. This made it easier for international students to enrol in Russia’s MBBS program.

Reason 7

The Russian government awards scholarships to deserving international students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Approximately 15,000 scholarships, also known as “state-funded slots,” are granted annually to international applicants, including Indians. These scholarships include tuition waivers for the chosen program, a maintenance allowance, and housing assistance.

Reason 8

Russian universities are dedicated to improving the communities in which they operate. Thanks to governmental agreements and collaborations with MBBS Colleges in Russia, students can find a number of career alternatives and gain practical experience during their medical studies. Russian medical universities offer students the tools and sophisticated infrastructure they require as part of their entire dormitory fee. Indian students should consider enrolling in a Russian-language MBBS program since it exposes them to many worldviews and gives them a chance to have a career anywhere in the world.

Reason 9

The value of a Russian MBBS degree in India, well-equipped laboratories, promising education, and quality mentoring for students, these aspects and the success stories of alumni all contribute to a growth in enrollment for MBBS courses in Russia.

Reason 10

Additionally, the low cost of tuition does not impact the standard of instruction offered by Russian universities to their students. The level of MBBS study has advanced and developed significantly in Russia. The majority of Russian medical universities now provide affordable MBBS in English for international students. More than 15000 Indian students are currently enrolled in medical programmes at Russian medical universities, with the number of students increasing yearly.

Full English Medium Medical University in Russia

Given below is the list of English Medium Medical Universities in Russia. Let’s take a look.

Name of CollegeDurationAvg Annual Fees
Kursk State Medical University6 YearsUSD: $ 5580
INR: Rs. 4,63,140/-
Kazan State Medical University6 YearsUSD: $ 5,446
INR: Rs. 4,52,018/-
North West State Medical University Russia6 YearsUSD: 5,060
INR 4,20,000/-
Bashkir State Medical University Russia6 YearsUSD: $ 3,605
INR: Rs. 2,99,244/-
Ulyanovsk State University Russia6 YearsUSD: $ 3,614
INR: Rs. 3,00,000/-

Why is Russian MBBS College Cost Low?

Leading Russian medical institutions provide Low-Cost MBBS programs to interested students. In Russia, the cost of attending medical university is roughly $4000 USD per year. The cost of living in Russia is reasonably low for MBBS students. Here are some advantages of paying a cheap tuition fee to study medicine in Russia:

  • Pursuing a medical degree in Russia requires no contributions or capitation fees.
  • Indian students can afford to study MBBS in Russia because the Russian Education Ministry subsidised tuition fees.
  • The MCI/NMC and WHO accredit medical colleges and universities in Russia, and the degree is accepted around the world.
  • The laboratories at Russian medical colleges and universities are state-of-the-art, and the faculty is exceptionally qualified.
  • Admission to Russian medical schools is easy and quick, and graduates of Russian MBBS programmes are eligible to practice in India after passing the MCI screening test.

Who it’s best for?

Due to its top-notch medical education and cutting-edge infrastructure, Russia is the best choice for all ambitious medical students. It is appropriate for all ambitious medical students who desire to pursue an affordable MBBS in Russia, including:

  • There is no entrance exam requirement. Therefore, students with poor NEET scores can enrol in top Russian medical schools.
  • Students with little funds who desire to become doctors can still pursue their dreams by enrolling directly in Russia’s MBBS programme.
  • Students interested in learning about different countries’ educational systems can study MBBS in Russia.
  • Students who took the NEET exam a couple of years ago but didn’t perform well enough to qualify for an MBBS seat in India can quickly and cheaply enrol in Russian medical schools.

How much does it cost to study MBBS in Russia?

The cost of an MBBS in Russia is less expensive than in India, and renting a room in a university residence is more affordable than in India, allowing you to save money for a larger spending budget. The cost of living for students is essentially unchanged because the Russian ruble and the Indian rupee have equivalent economic values. The average student may afford to attend a Russian medical university to study MBBS.

Indian students can study MBBS for less money in Russia, thanks to government subsidies. The lowest tuition rate for MBBS students studying abroad is 3500 USD ($2,59,000 INR) per year; the highest rate is 7000 USD ($5,18,000 INR) per year. An increasing number of Indian applicants are choosing to study medicine in Russia because of the affordable tuition and living expenses.

One of the best places in the world to obtain an MBBS degree is Russia. With the best facilities and a low cost, Russian medical colleges offer MBBS in Russia to all medical students. Students with a GPA of at least 50% and plans to study medicine in Russia are eligible to apply for the Scholarship. Russian medical schools provide very affordable MBBS programmes.

In Russian medical schools, MBBS tuition costs between $4,000 and $6,000 yearly. The tuition fees for Russian medical universities are included on this page. Learn all there is to know about the cost of an MBBS in Russia, including tuition, hostel fees, and other costs.


On a global level, Russia is a developed nation. The majority of Indian students choose to study medicine in Russia because of the reasonable living expenses and low MBBS tuition. Top medical universities in Russia also offer English language MBBS programmes. Candidates who earned their MBBS in Russia are eligible to enrol in postgraduate programmes. Travelling to Russia to study MBBS is usually a good experience.

If you wish to continue your medical education abroad, you should pass the NEET exam first. Then, choose a nation, university, and consultants who have successfully placed students at esteemed institutions; read their reviews and make an educated choice.

The fact that overseas students’ living expenses are affordable in addition to their education costs makes the affordability of MBBS in Russia’s prices stand out. This implies that students receive all these high-quality services at the most affordable prices and are exposed to a curriculum that complies with international medical norms and procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is MBBS in Russia cheaper?

Compared to private Indian medical colleges, MBBS in Russia is a more affordable alternative, costing somewhere between 5-6 lakhs on average. In some universities, MBBS in Russia fees can also go as low as 2-3 lakh.

Is Russian MBBS valid in India?

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has approved over 53 Russian universities to offer an MBBS degree that enables students to complete their studies overseas and work as doctors in India. MCI regulations state that candidates for MBBS programmes overseas must pass the NEET exams administered by Russian colleges.

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