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Points to Remember about the Admission for MBBS in Russia

Points to Remember about the Admission for MBBS in Russia: Most medical students who want to pursue MBBS and become doctors pick Russia. Russian medical universities offer economic education of the highest calibre. In terms of providing top-notch medical education, Russia is ranked eighth. The European Council, NMC, and WHO all recognize Russian medical universities.

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About 57 medical schools in Russia offer MBBS programmes in both Russian and English. When students complete their MBBS in Russia, they are given the M.D. (Physician) medical degree, which is equivalent to the MBBS in India. The MBBS programme in Russia takes six years to complete, including a 1-year internship.

Russian medical universities provide top-notch medical education and have excellent professors and facilities. The most sought-after medical degree among international applicants is MBBS. In Russia, the level of MBBS study is highly developed and sophisticated.

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Nowadays, most Russian medical institutes offer MBBS programmes in English to international students at relatively reasonable tuition costs. So, there is an advantage for Indian students. Over 10,000 Indian students are now enrolled at Russian medical universities; the majority of them are enrolled in MBBS programmes, and their numbers are growing yearly.

Points to remember about the admission for MBBS in Russia (Graphical Representation)

Points to remember about the admission for MBBS in Russia
Points to remember about the admission for MBBS in Russia

Points to remember about the admission for MBBS in Russia (Brief)

In this section, we provide some important points to remember about the admission for MBBS in Russia; let’s take a look.

1. Cost to study MBBS in Russia

The cost of renting a room in a university dorm is relatively inexpensive in Russia compared to India, saving you money for a more significant spending budget. Because the Russian ruble has a similar economic value to the Indian rupee, student living expenses are almost unchanged from those in India. The cost of an MBBS programme at a Russian medical university is affordable for the average student.

Indian students can afford to study MBBS in Russia thanks to government subsidies that lower the programme’s cost. The lowest price for MBBS education abroad is the average annual tuition for MBBS in Russia, which is 4000 US Dollars = 2,80,000 Indian Rupees. More and more Indian students are choosing to study medicine in Russia due to the programme’s low cost and low living expenses.

2. MBBS Fees in Russia

In Russian medical universities, MBBS tuition costs between US$ 4,000 and US$ 6,000 annually. The tuition schedule for Russian medical universities is relatively more affordable than in any other country.

3. Living Costs in Russia for Indian Students

You need to budget between $100 and $150 a month for food, other personal expenses and tuition fees. Major Russian cities have slightly higher living costs ( Moscow and St. Petersburg). Russia is not as pricey as you may imagine.

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4. Duration of MBBS in Russia

According to European standards, the 6-year MBBS programme in Russia consists of a 5-year academic programme and a 1-year internship. Students study the theoretical side of medicine for the first three years, while the last three years are spent honing practical abilities. The student has a total of 12 semesters in the entire course because each year is divided into two semesters.

5. Teaching language for MBBS in Russia

International students can study MBBS in English at some reputable medical schools in Russia. To be accepted into a Russian medical school teaching in the English language, you do not need to submit your TOEFL or IELTS results. Direct entry into the English-medium MBBS programme in Russia is available to those who have finished high school or college with English-related coursework.

6. Academic Session of MBBS colleges in Russia

The academic year in Russian medical universities typically begins in September. The first day of class for MBBS first-year students is scheduled for October 1. Variations are possible. A school year consists of two semesters, September through January and February through June. Exams for the first semester are given in January, while exams for the second semester are offered in June. The winter break starts from January 20 till February 7, and the summer break runs from July 15 until August 31.

7. Eligibility for studying MBBS in Russia

Admission decisions are based on candidates’ prior academic performance. Basic requirements for eligibility include:
• The applicant received at least 50% in science in their 10+2 grade.
• The applicant must be 17 years old by December 31 of the admissions year for Russian MBBS.
• To be admitted, Indian aspirants must pass the NEET exam.
• The applicant does not have any infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, TB, or others

8. Documents required for admission to MBBS in Russia

• Duly filled admission form,
• Class 12 pass certificate and mark sheet,
• Class 10 mark sheet,
• NEET UG Score Card (you can submit it later after the result is declared)
• Passport-size colour photograph on a white background
• Scanned copy of Passport (First and Last Page)

9. Services provided by Russian universities to Indian students

• Giving students all the required information regarding the university and living in Russia.
• University letter of admission.
• Letter of invitation and visa from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• The Russian Embassy processes visas.
• Registration MCI/NMC.
• Purchasing a plane ticket.
• Travel with pupils in tow.
• Assistance with Russian Federation immigration registration.
• Making all necessary preparations to provide dormitories for students.
• Arranging local sightseeing excursions throughout the city and its surroundings.
• Assisting students in getting physicals.
• Assistance in getting a student ID card, a hostel card, or an international card.
• The establishment of a bank account with assistance.

10. Application dates and deadlines for 2024

Admissions for MBBS programmes in Russia typically open on May 1 each year. The deadline for submitting application forms is August 30. By August 30, all applications must be received. Because there are many applications and there are a limited number of seats, we suggest students apply as soon as possible. Admissions are strictly offered based on availability and are given on a first-come, first-served basis. As a result, individuals who apply early receive an additional reward.

How to apply to a Russian medical university?

Here are the detailed instructions for the MBBS in Russia Admission Procedure for Indian Students. If you are looking for an MBBS in Russia admission and want to learn the complete process of a Russian medical university, then you must know the step-wise procedure here.

Step 1: You can find information about Russian medical universities, eligibility requirements, MBBS tuition costs, admission requirements, and Continental Education Consultants’ facilitation costs there. Parents and students must know all the details of Russian universities, academic programmes, and living expenses.
Step 2: After thoroughly weighing the benefits and drawbacks of studying in Russia, the applicant must submit a properly completed admission form together with scanned copies of their class 12 diplomas and transcripts.
Step 3: The student must pay an application/registration fee at this initial step either by a demand draught made out to Continental Education and payable in Delhi or New Delhi, OR you can bank transfer the required sum to the business account.
Step 4: You’ll get a confirmation email after paying the application cost and submitting your application. Your application is then forwarded to the relevant university after this is finished. An acceptance or admission letter from the university verifying the seat reservation will be issued within two weeks. The student is subsequently handed this letter of admission.
Step 5: Next, we will apply for the VISA INVITATION LETTER, a legal document issued by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It takes about a month to find the invitation letter, which is a tiresome process. The student should turn in his original passport at this point.
Step 6: The Russian embassy will then receive the INVITATION LETTER and Original Passport and process CEC’s application for a student VISA. The student gets informed of the departure date as soon as the visa is prepared. The student must plan to obtain the requisite foreign currency (US Dollars) for living expenses and tuition at the university. The student receives all original paperwork, including their passport, visa, and diplomas.
Step 7: The students ought to start getting ready for their trip to Russia at this point. Additionally, a list of instructions and necessities will be sent to the travelling pupils.
Step 8: The students must also ensure they have all the required paperwork because they will need to produce it when they arrive at the university office.
Step 9: Upon arrival in Moscow, the students will be met by one of our representatives, who will assist them in travelling from the airport to the university hostel. The agent will help them the following day in paying the administrative and college fees for the university where they will be enrolling in the MBBS programme. The students won’t encounter any difficulties because they will be led during the entire admissions process. We will go with the young students on foreign terrain at every step.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it easy to get an MBBS seat in Russia?

The admission procedure in Russia is simple, and Russia has one of the best medical universities with affordable fees. For further details regarding the admission procedure, you can contact us at -9873056333

 Is there any age limit for MBBS in Russia?

The age limit for doing MBBS in Russia is:
Minimum Age Limit – 17yrs
Maximum Age Limit – 25yrs

How many years does it take to complete MBBS in Russia?

MBBS degree duration in Russia is 6 years (English Medium). Indian students who study MBBS in Russia (English medium) have to do a preparatory course of 1  year, which increases their course duration.

 Is a Russian MBBS degree valid in India?

Yes, an MBBS degree from Russia is valid in India, but for practice or internship in India, you must first qualify for the FMGE exam.

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