Low Fees MBBS Colleges in Russia

Low Fees MBBS Colleges in Russia: Russia is one of the nations where international students go to pursue MBBS degrees overseas. The top medical universities in Russia offer students the greatest medical education at reasonable prices. Because the best medical universities in Russia have simple admissions criteria, many Indian candidates prefer to do their MBBS in Russia. Due to the heated competition for medical admissions in India and high tuition fees, many Indian students prefer Low-Cost MBBS in Russia and high-quality education. 

The best Russian medical universities have supported Indian students by offering admissions with an easy and hassle-free application process, high-quality education at a low cost, and a comfortable student life. The procedures have been minimized with the least amount of paperwork to ensure a comfortable and uncomplicated acceptance process, so students don’t need to worry about the admissions process, visa formalities, travel arrangements, and Accommodation facilities. There is a vast career scope after studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students, and for practising in India, Students have to qualify for the FMGE exam.

Low Rank in NEET and expensive MBBS college tuition fees in India are the main causes of students giving up on their desire to become doctors. But here is the answer to this issue. You can travel to Russia to pursue your MBBS degree. Russia is one of the finest places to study MBBS since it has affordable tuition and a simple admissions process.

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Why study MBBS in Russia?

There can be multiple reasons to study MBBS in Russia, but here are some key reasons to study MBBS in Russia:

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Reason 1: Low tuition and reasonable living expenses

The cost of attending Russian universities to study MBBS is far less than it is at Indian universities, which makes it more affordable. It varies from 4 lakhs and 8 lakhs annually. Additionally, the cost of living is reasonable.

Reason 2: Scholarship Opportunities

Every year, Russia offers a variety of scholarships that allow international students to study MBBS for free.

Reason 3: World Recognized Degree

The MBBS degree earned from a Russian university is recognized by UNESCO, WHO, NMC, the European Council, and other organisations worldwide. As a result, Students increasingly choose to study MBBS in Russia.

Reason 4: Top-notch infrastructure

Whether it’s the education department, the dormitory department, or any other, Russian universities offer students the best resources and top-notch equipment.

Reason 5: High-Quality Education

Russian universities offer quality education and have highly qualified specialists with broad experience in the medical field.

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Top Lowest Fees MBBS Colleges in Russia

If you are looking for complete information about the Low-Cost MBBS in Russia, then we are providing a list of the Top Lowest Fees for MBBS Colleges in Russia with the help of graphs; let’s have a look.

Top Lowest Fees Medical Universities in Russia

Crimea Federal University

The Crimea State Medical University is located in Simferopol, Russia, and is known as the S. I. Georgievsky Crimea State Medical University. According to various honest reviews, Crimea State Medical University is among the top medical schools in Russia. The Crimea State Medical University’s infrastructure is magnificent because it combines old and new construction. Again, this is a cost-effective university for those students who desire to study MBBS in Russia.

Crimea State Medical University Fee StructureFees in INR
1st-year MBBS FeesINR 3.58 lakhs
2nd-6th year MBBS FeesINR 2.80 lakhs
Total MBBS FeesINR 17.85 lakhs

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Belgorod State Medical University

The Belgorod State National Research University was established in 1876 and is situated in Belgorod, a city to the west of the Volga River. It experienced several changes before becoming a well-known name in the field of medical education, and it is currently one of the top universities in Russia. More than 30,000 students are currently being trained at Belgorod State National Research University in Russia in various degrees, including MBBS.

Belgorod State Medical UniversityFees in INR
1st-year MBBS FeesINR 4.33 lakhs
2nd-6th year MBBS FeesINR 3.60 lakhs
Total MBBS FeesINR 22.20 lakhs

Kazan Federal University

One of Russia’s most renowned universities is Kazan Federal University. It was established as Imperial Kazan University in 1804 before becoming Kazan Federal University. The second-largest institution in Russia, Kazan Federal University, is well-known among Indian and international students for its high-quality facilities and teaching techniques. More than 50,000 students enrol each year in more than 700 undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.

Kazan Federal UniversityFees in INR
1st-year MBBS FeesINR 5.25 lakhs
2nd-6th year MBBS FeesINR 4.04 lakhs
Total MBBS FeesINR 25.55 lakhs

Stavropol State Medical University

Stavropol State Medical University is an 83-year-old medical school that was established in the year 1938. The institution is situated in Stavropol, the stunning city that serves as the state capital of southern Russian Stavropol State. For Indian students who want to study medicine abroad, SSMU is a good option.SSMU (Stavropol State Medical University) now provides affordable MBBS tuition in Russia. More than 400 Indian students are enrolled in the university’s English-medium medical programmes.

Stavropol State Medical University Fees in INR
1st-year MBBS FeesINR 3.9 lakhs
2nd-6th year MBBS FeesINR 3.4 lakhs
Total MBBS FeesINR 21 lakhs

Ulyanovsk State University

The top medical university in Ulyanovsk, Russia, is Ulyanovsk State University. The MBBS programme at Ulyanovsk State University is an excellent choice if you want to pursue your ambition of becoming a doctor. As Ulyanovsk State University offers the best education at low fees to students from throughout the world, it expands opportunities with medical degrees that are recognised worldwide.

Abroad University MBBS Application Form 2024
Manipal Pokhara College of Medical Science, Pokhara, Nepal Apply
Kursk State Medical University, Russia Apply
Grigol Robakidze University, Georgia Apply
Ulyanovsk State UniversityFees in INR
1st-year MBBS FeesINR 4.20 lakhs
2nd-6th year MBBS FeesINR 3.75 lakhs
Total MBBS FeesINR 22.95 lakhs

Altai State Medical University

One of Russia’s top medical universities, Altai State Medical University (AGMU), offers top-notch medical education and is located in West Siberia. The Altai State Medical University has served as a source of qualified professionals for the local healthcare system for 60 years. The institution has produced 25,000 physicians and pharmacists working in the Altai region, the Republics of Tuva and Altai, and far-off countries. The university established a new department to interact with international students in 2001.

Altai State Medical UniversityFees in INR
1st-year MBBS Fees INR 4.80 lakhs
2nd-6th year MBBS FeesINR 3.82 lakhs
Total MBBS FeesINR 23.92 lakhs

Irkutsk State Medical University

Irkutsk State Medical University is considered one of the oldest universities in the world. Another factor contributing to its popularity is its approval by renowned medical organisations, including the NMC, FAIMER, and WHO. This medical centre has trained many well-known doctors from throughout the world and has 50 years of experience in the medical profession. This university is the top choice for Indian aspirants because of its excellent FMGE passing rate.

Irkutsk State Medical University Fees in INR
1st-year MBBS FeesINR 4.06 lakh
2nd-6th year MBBS FeesINR 3.20 lakh
Total MBBS FeesINR 20.16 lakh

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Kabardian Balkarian State University

One of the top medical universities in Russia is Kabardino Balkarian State University. In 1957, Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University was founded in the Russian city of Nalchik. The institution has more than 65 years of expertise in the medical area and is playing an important role in the training of medical students and scientists as well as in the education of medical science.

Kabardian Balkarian State UniversityFees in INR
1st-year MBBS FeesINR 6.25 lakhs
2nd-6th year MBBS FeesINR 1.9 lakhs
Total MBBS FeesINR 16.05 lakhs

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Bashkir Medical University

The oldest prestigious medical university in Russia is Bashkir State Medical University. One of the top 10 medical universities in Russia is Bashkir State Medical University. International students are increasingly choosing Bashkir State Medical University for their medical education due to its affordable tuition fees and simple admissions process. The Bashkir State Medical University works with the World Health Organization (WHO), has strong scientific ties to numerous foreign institutions of higher learning, and is accredited by the NMC India.

Bashkir Medical UniversityFees in INR
1st-year MBBS FeesINR 4.5 lakh
2nd-6th year MBBS FeesINR 4.24 lakh
Total MBBS FeesINR 25 lakh

Orel State Medical University

Orel State University was established in 1931 as an industrial-pedagogical institute and changed its name to Orel State University on September 11, 1996. There is a 325 kilometre distance between Moscow and Oryol, where Orel State University is situated. It is also the only educational facility in the area that offers training in a variety of fields and specialities for higher and postgraduate education, training, and retraining.

Orel State UniversityFees in INR
1st-year MBBS FeesINR 6 lakhs
2nd-3rd year MBBS FeesINR 2.5 lakhs
4th-6th year MBBS FeesINR 2 lakhs
Total MBBS FeesINR 17 lakhs

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Russia is an affordable and ideal place for Indian students who want to study MBBS on a low budget but from a top university. Yes, there can be advantages and disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia, but it can vary for every student. Russian universities have low-budget MBBS fees, and in comparison with Indian private universities, the difference in tuition fees can be more than 40%. You must remember and consider some important points for studying for MBBS in Russia and choose the best college.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the low fees MBBS colleges in Russia?

The following are the low fees MBBS colleges in Russia:
>Crimea Federal University
>Belgorod State Medical University
>Kazan Federal University
>Stavropol State Medical University
>Ulyanovsk State University

Why is MBBS in Russia cheap?

The Russian government has subsidized the MBBS fees in Russia, thus making the course affordable.

Which is the cheapest medical college in Russia?

Kabardian Balkarian State University is the cheapest medical college in Russia, offering the course at INR 16.05 Lakhs.

Is NEET required for MBBS in Russia?

Candidates are required to qualify for MBBS in Russia.

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