The cost of studying MBBS in Russia will blow your mind.

The cost of studying MBBS in Russia will blow your mind: Studying MBBS in Russia cost can be expensive, especially if you look at the educational fees of private Indian medical colleges. If you are lucky enough to get a government Indian medical institute, then you are set. But when you don’t, then what? What will happen when your NEET 2024 score is somewhere around 400 to 500? What will happen when you cannot get the college and course you desire? As per many students, you have two options:

  1. Drop a year and appear for the NEET 2024 examination.
  2. Take admission to private medical colleges. Both of these options are far from ideal.

You drop a year, but you guarantee that your exam score will be enough for government medical colleges. As an option B, admission to private medical colleges is only possible if you belong to a wealthy family. So, what will happen to students who neither want to drop a year nor have the money for private Indian medical colleges? We are presenting option number C-go for MBBS in Russia at a low cost.

Yes, you heard it right. To many, studying MBBS abroad sounds like an evil plan. I mean, there is a false belief that studying abroad will cost you more money. Well, that is just a false belief. Studying MBBS in Russia cost is way cheaper than expected. Russia has become a global hotspot in terms of international students. Quality education, world-class infrastructure, the best faculties, and the most advanced technologies make Russia ideal for studying MBBS abroad. And the best point is you will get all these facilities at affordable prices.

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The Kursk State Medical University is the true epitome of the advanced Russian education system. KSMU indisputably offers unparalleled teaching and has rightfully secured a spot in the prestigious top 10 medical colleges in Russia. KSMU is known for its education and is among the top 10 most prestigious medical colleges in Russia. Unlike Indian private medical colleges, you will not have to pay a lot to complete your white coat dream. And if you think that low price means lower educational value, well, in the words of Chandler Bing himself, “you could not be more wrong”.

So you decide to study MBBS abroad under 10 to 15 lakh or invest 60 lakh or above in private Indian medical colleges. What is your choice?

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