Which is the Best Country for MBBS for Indian Students? See the Complete details here.

Which is the Best Country for MBBS for Indian Students?: Indian students have a lifelong desire to study abroad. Foreign nations perform better than India regarding MBBS programs since their tuition costs are lower than those of Indian universities. In India, they complete an MBBS program that costs between 60 and 80 lakh rupees, whereas, in other nations, the same program costs between 50 and 60 lakh rupees. Therefore, students typically apply to government institutions, but because there aren’t enough seats, they must attend private institutions.

Therefore, students from other countries perform better than those from India since foreign universities uphold high standards for educational quality while charging less than those in India.

Every year, 10,000 aspirant Indian students travel abroad to study medicine, which increased sharply by about 24 per cent in 2018. Given that only about 60,000 government college seats are available in India, it is reasonable that more people are looking for the best countries for MBBS.

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One of the most esteemed academic degrees in the world is the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery). Aspiring doctors who want to work in the allopathic medical area pursue it. Some of the top MBBS colleges in the world are found in the United States and Great Britain. On the other hand, countries like China, Ukraine, and the Philippines provide affordable medical education.

One of the most desired degrees for young people in India is medicine. Young people who wish to study medicine or pursue careers in the field are becoming common. Despite India’s state-of-the-art government colleges and top-notch teachers, the number of Indian students seeking medical education abroad is rising, leaving many to ask why this is the case.

How do you decide which university is right for you?

  • First, we should determine whether the medical college is tested by the WHO or not based on its ranking.
  • Is the university public or private?
  • What is the reputation of the university, and how old is it?
  • Does the University have a medical college?
  • What does University mean?
  • It would help if you looked up the placement rate annually.
  • How qualified is the faculty?
  • What documentation is needed at the time of admission?
  • The state of the hospital.

Best Countries for MBBS For Indian Students

Following are the best countries for MBBS for Indian students and the top MBBS universities within each country:

1. Russia

Russian universities rank 30th out of the best, making them a popular destination for international students. Because the Russian government offers substantial financial aid, MBBS is the program of choice for students there. In Russia, there are roughly 57 medical schools. The WHO of NMC has given its approval to all universities.

One of the main justifications for studying MBBS in Russia is the high calibre of medical education coupled with the affordable tuition. The NMC and the World Health Organization (WHO) both recognize all Russian medical universities and 12 of these institutions offer MBBS in English. The Russian Government offers educational subsidies to entice the brightest minds, and the country’s low MBBS tuition reflects this goal. All MBBS students from Russia are eligible to practice medicine globally, including in India, thanks to the school’s worldwide affiliations.

Name of CollegeAverage Annual Fees (USD)
Altai State Medical University4000
Kursk State Medical University8000
Ulyanovsk State Medical University3,00,000 (RUB)
Kazan Federal University4,68,000 (RUB)
Bashkir State Medical University3,732
OMSK State Medical University2,32,000 (RUB)

2. Kyrgyzstan

Because there are so many rigorous tests and counselling sessions, getting into MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is difficult. If they pass all their tests, they are the only ones chosen for admission. It is located in Asia’s geographic centre. Since Kyrgyz is the national tongue, many Indian students study there.

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Eastern Europe is one of the most sought-after studies abroad locations for medical education in Ukraine. Top government medical universities in the nation offer students MBBS, MD, and other medical and medically related degrees. Major organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization acknowledge the top medical universities in Ukraine (UNESCO). Graduates with relevant medical degrees are accepted worldwide and are qualified to apply for medical jobs there.

Dentistry, general medicine, pharmacy, and paediatrics are some of the most popular medical specialities for MBBS students in Ukrainian medical schools. To be admitted to a medical university, candidates are not required to take entrance exams. In Ukraine, an MBBS program lasts an average of 5.8 years.

Top MBBS Universities of Kyrgyzstan

Name of CollegeAverage Annual Fees (USD)
Asian Medical Institute in Kyrgyzstan3200
International Higher School of Medicine Kyrgyzstan3,500 
LN Medical College Kyrgyzstan4,000
Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University Kyrgyzstan6,500

3. Kazakhstan

The cost of an MBBS in Kazakhstan is quite reasonable for students, and the country’s medical schools are well-known internationally for the high quality of their programs. Students from India who wish to pursue their medical education in Bangladesh may apply for direct admissions under the SAARC Countries Quota, which enables them to enrol in the program for a very reasonable cost. If students do not want to participate in the SAARC program, they may still apply to institutions in Bangladesh. Students must pay between 30 and 60 lakhs to complete the MBBS program in Bangladesh.

Top MBBS Universities of Kazakhstan

Name of CollegeAverage Annual Fees (USD)
Kazakhstan Russian Medical University Almaty4000
Astana Medical University4200
Semey State Medical University3200
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy4000
Al Farabi Kazakh University4200

4. Bangladesh

A founding member of SAARL is the South Asian nation of Bangladesh. Students from Nepal, India, the Philippines, and Bhutan frequently study in Bangladesh. Every medical college grants a bachelor of Medicare.

Students from India who wish to pursue their MBBS in Bangladesh may apply for direct admissions under the SAARC Countries Quota, which enables them to enrol in the program for a very reasonable cost. If students do not want to participate in the SAARC program, they may still apply to institutions in Bangladesh. Students must pay between 30 and 60 lakhs to complete the MBBS program in Bangladesh.

Top MBBS Universities in Bangladesh

Name of CollegeAverage Annual Fees (USD)
Dhaka National Medical College Bangladesh5000
Ad-din women’s Medical College$45000 (Total)

5. Nepal

MBBS in Nepal is quite competitive. For doctors, it’s an excellent place to study. There are numerous well-known higher education institutes in the nation. For most of the year, the weather is pleasant. It is the closest location for students from India.

Nepal is another popular choice for Indian students who want to study medicine. This landlocked nation is a significant destination for Indian students studying MBBS overseas due to its closeness and easy immigration laws. The total cost of tuition for the program is between 30 and 45 lakhs rupees. Additionally, Nepal and India have similar cultures and climates, making it simple for Indian students to relocate abroad. The following is a list of some of the top medical schools in Nepal.

Top MBBS Universities in Nepal

Name of CollegeAverage Annual Fees
Patan Academy of Health Sciences Nepal15.00 lakhs (First-Years-INR)
Universal College of Medical Sciences
National Medical College13.00 Lakhs
Nepalgunj Medical College


We have curated the list of the best countries for MBBS for Indian students. Compared to India, studying for an MBBS abroad is cheaper. Although NEET scores determine admission to MBBS programs abroad for Indian students, students need to pass the exam; a particular rank is unnecessary. Other additional factors influence Indian students’ decision to study overseas. One of the key reasons is that studying abroad allows students to see a different culture and learn about another healthcare system.
Each country has a different MBBS Abroad duration. Finishing the entire course takes five years in certain nations while 5.8 or 6 years in others. By visiting our website, you can learn more about studying MBBS at the Top Medical University Abroad.

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