NEET Biology Preparation: How to Prepare, Tips, Important Topics & More!!

    NEET Biology preparation
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    All know Biology is basically an essential section for NEET Biology preparation as it is one of the most scoring subjects if the students plan their preparations wisely. As you know that NEET 2020 Exam will be held on 3rd May 2020 and there are few months are left for the exam. NEET Biology plays an important role in deciding the success of students in NEET exam, however, this doesn’t mean that the students can neglect the other two subjects.

    To take a seat in a top medical or dental college in India, students are advised to polish their skills in Biology as well as Chemistry and Physics. If we talk about the difficulty level of Biology has increased over recent years. As per our analysis of NEET exam, it was considered that the exam did average on the difficulty meter where amongst all other sections, Biology was considered to be the easiest, followed by Chemistry and then Physics which was the toughest and challenging section which required time.

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    Important Topics To Study

    We have arranged some major and important topics for NEET Biology Preparation from two parts Zoology and Botany.

    Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Digestion and Absorption
    Reproduction in Organisms Reproductive Health
    Principles Of Inheritance And Variation Biological Classification
    Plant Taxonomy Shapes of Bacteria
    Plant Growth And Development Microbes in Human Welfare
    Organisms and Populations Morphology Of Flowering Plants
    Molecular Basis Of Inheritance Plant Kingdom
    Microbes in Human Welfare Environmental Issues
    Living World Anatomy of Flowering Plants
    Human Reproduction Breathing and Exchange of Gases
    Human Health and Disease Animal Kingdom
    Body Fluids and Circulation Biomolecules
    Application of Biotechnology Chromosome Structure
    Adaptive Radiation  

    Important Topics for Botany

    Botany (also known as Phytology) is the study of Plant Life including the Study of Fungi and Algae. Modern Botany study compiles with plant structure, differentiation, growth, biochemistry, reproduction, primary metabolism, disease and plant taxonomy. Students must focus on topics having high weightage like Genetics, Biotechnology, and Ecology while preparing for the exam.

    Ascomycetes Penicillium
    Coelom Cell Biology and Division
    Dinoflagellates Epiphytes
    Ecology Biomolecule
    Ecology and Environment Euglena Structure and Classification
    Epithelial Tissue Auxin
    Ketogenesis Plasmid
    Nostoc Chromoplast
    Polygenic Inheritance Deuterostomes
    Protozoa Allosteric Enzyme
    Rhizopus Endosperm
    Slime Moulds Paramecium
    Spirogyra Connective Tissue
    Structure of Ear Nucleotide

    Important Topics for Zoology

    Zoology is the study of animals with there ecosystem. It is the most interesting stream of Biology and deals with the study of the Animal Kingdom and their structures, evolution, embryology, habits, classification, and distribution of both living and extinct animals. Students must focus on topics like Reproduction and Human Physiology while preparing for the exam.

    Animal Diversity Animal Husbandry Human Health and Diseases
    Evolution Animal Tissue Cockroach
    Human Physiology Human Reproduction

    Other Important Concept

    Algae Bloom What Is Dwarfism?
    Biochemical Pathways Uricotelism Definition
    Blue Green Algae Krebs Cycle
    Genetic Diversity Electrocardiogram
    Multinodular Goitre Plant Hormones
    Neural Communication Tetany Causes
    Polyarteritis Nodosa Hydroponic System
    Thyroid Problems Types of Fermentation
    Thyroid Symptoms What is Bioprocessing?
    What is Cretinism?

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    Application Form 2020

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