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How to study Biology for NEET 2024? Best Books, Important Topics, Strategy, Time Table etc.

How to study Biology for NEET 2024: NEET 2024 will be held for admission to 91,927 MBBS seats, 26,949 BDS seats, 52,720 AYUSH seats, 525 BVSc seats, and AH seats offered by respective medical colleges in India. Biology is vital in deciding students’ success in the NEET exam. Everyone knows that biology is an important section, as it is one of the most scoring subjects. Candidates should plan wisely for the NEET Biology preparation. It does not mean that candidates can neglect the other two subjects. The NEET Biology paper is considered an average difficulty meter among all other subjects. Candidates should know the tips to qualify for the NEET 2024 exam.

In the biology section, there will be 100 questions in the NEET 2024 paper, out of which candidates must attempt any 90 questions offering a total of 360 marks. The article will give the candidates important NEET preparation tips to help them pass the entrance exam.

Quick Facts

Before discussing the NTA NEET UG 2024 entrance exam, like the Application form, important dates, eligibility, exam pattern, syllabus, counselling etc., let’s look at a Quick fact about NEET.

Name of ExaminationNational Eligibility cum Entrance Test (UG) or NEET-UG
Conducted byNational Testing Agency (NTA)
Exam Date5 May 2024 (Released)
Level of NEET ExaminationNational-level
Mode of ExamOffline Mode (Pen, Paper)
Duration of Examination3 hours & 20 minutes
Total Number of Questions200 Multiple Choice Questions
Languages available for the ExaminationEnglish, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Punjabi

NEET 2024 Biology Pattern

When we look at how to study Chemistry for NEET, the primary thing is understanding the NEET Exam Pattern. The table below contains the Biology section’s structure in the NEET 2024 exam.

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NEET 2024: Latest Update
BiologyNumber of QuestionsMarking Scheme
Botany Section A35140
Botany Section B1540
Zoology Section A35140
Zoology Section B1540
Total100 (90 applicable for attempt)360

How to Prepare for NEET Biology (Strategies)

NEET 2024 Biology Important Topics

Class 11th Biology Important topic for NEET preparationClass 12th Biology Important topic for NEET preparation
Plant Kingdom
> Questions from different types of algae and their pigments
> General characters of pteridophytes and gymnosperms
>Gametogenesis in plants
>Gametogenesis in humans
>Reproductive structures in plants and animals
>Polyembryony, Parthenocarpy, apomixis
>Menstrual cycle
Biological classification
General features of Monera, Protista, Fungi
Genetics & evolution
>Dihybrid cross, linkage
>Pedigree analysis
>Genetic disorders
>Darwinism and natural selection
>Human evolution
Structural organization in plants and animals
>Root, stem, and leaf anatomy
>Animals’ tissues and their functions, specifically epithelial tissues
>Process and applications
>BT cotton, RNAi, Human insulin, Gene therapy, molecular diagnostics
Cell: Structure & Functions
>Mycoplasma, nucleus, chromosomes, ribosomes, chloroplast, and mitochondria
>Meiosis – Prophase I
Biology in human welfare
>Human immunity
>AIDS, Cancer
Plant physiology
>C3, C4 cycle
>Kranz anatomy
>Glycolysis and Krebs cycle
>ETS complexes
>Transpiration pull
>Bulk movement in Phloem
>Mineral deficiency & Nitrogen cycle
Ecology and environment
>Environmental issues
>Biogeochemical cycles
>Population interactions
Animal/Human Physiology
>All topics, specifically diagrams, are critical

NEET Biology Preparation 2024: Weightage of Important Topics

The perfect method to solving the NEET biology section involves understanding the essential topics, the syllabus, and their weightage. The following table brings the topics from the NEET Biology Chapter Wise Weightage as assigned.

NEET Biology chapter-wise weightage

ChapterWeightage out of 100
Diversity in Living World14%
Cell Structure and Function5%
Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants9%
Plant Physiology6%
Human Physiology20%
Genetics and Evolution18%
Biotechnology and Its Applications3%
Biology and Human Welfare4%
Ecology and environment12%

NEET Biology 2024 Botany Chapterwise questions

ClassBotany important chapters for NEET 2024Total
12thBiology in Human Welfare1
11thCell & Cell Cycle5
11thDiversity of Life5
11thPlant Physiology8
12thReproduction & Sexual Reproduction4
11thStructural Organisation of Plants5
12thAnimal Husbandry & Biotechnology7
12thEvolution: Theories & Evidence1

NEET Biology 2024 Zoology Chapterwise questions

ClassZoology important chapters for NEET 2024Total
12thBiology in Human Welfare2
11thCell Structure and function4
11thDiversity of Life0
11thPlant Physiology0
12thReproduction & Sexual Reproduction0
11thStructural Organisation of Plants0
11thAnimal Kingdom5
12thAnimal Husbandry & Biotechnology6
12thHuman Health & Disease1
11thHuman Physiology10
12thHuman Reproduction & Reproductive Health6
11thStructural Organisation in Animals4

What are the Best Books for NEET Biology?

Candidates preparing for the NEET 2024 exam must use Biology NCERT books for classes 11 and 12 NCERT Book. Candidates must choose the best NEET books that can be helpful to crack the NEET exam. Selecting the best books is undoubtedly the most important preparation for NEET UG. These books also included the most important topics & relevant resources from the excess of study materials available in the market. More practice from the best books will help you to enhance the preparation strategy, speed, and accuracy level.

Name of BookBuy Link Here
NCERT Biology Class XI textbooksClick Here
NCERT Biology Class XII textbooksClick Here
Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by TruemanClick Here
Objective Biology by DineshClick Here
Objective Botany by AnsariClick Here
Pradeep Guide on BiologyClick Here
GR Bathla publications for BiologyClick Here

NEET 2024 Analysis for Biology Section

In this section, we take the last year’s Biology NEET analysis in terms of topics, difficulty level, weightage and coverage of the NEET 2024 syllabus

NEET 2024 Analysis for Botany Section

TopicsNumber of Questions
Plant Kingdom3
Morphology of Flowering Plants3
Anatomy of Flowering Plants3
Cell: The Unit of Life1
Cell Cycle & Cell Division2
Mineral Nutrition2
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants3
Respiration in Plants2
Plant Growth & Development3
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants3
Principles of Inheritance and Variation4
Molecular Basis of Inheritance4
Biotechnology: Principles and Processes3
Biotechnology and Its Applications1
Organisms and Population2
Ecosystem 2
Biodiversity and Conservation2
Environmental Issues2
Total Number of Questions50

NEET 2024 Analysis for Zoology Section

Topic Number of Questions
Animal Kingdom2
Structural Organisation in Animals (Animal Tissue)3
Digestion and Absorption (Digestive System)2
Breathing and Exchange of Gases (Respiratory System)2
Body Fluids And Circulation (Circulatory System)2
Excretory Products And Their Elimination (Excretory System)1
Locomotion And Movement (Muscles, Skeletal System)2
Neural Control And Co-ordination (Nervous System, Sensory Organs)1
Chemical Co-ordination and Integration (Endocrine System2
Human Reproduction3
Reproductive Health2
Origin and Evolution2
Human Health and Disease2
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production1
Microbes in Human Welfare1
The Living World1
Biological Classification3

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the important topics for the Biology section?

Important topics for the Biology section include Reproduction, Human Physiology, Diversity in Living Organisms, Genetics and Evolution, etc.

Which chapters have more weightage in NEET?

From Physics subjects, Thermodynamics and Optics, while Chemistry, Thermodynamics and Carbon Compounds have the highest weightage of NEET 2024. While Biology, Diversity from Living Organisms, Human Physiology and Genetics and Evolution have a better chapter-wise weightage of NEET 2024.

How many questions will be asked from the NEET Biology question paper?

A total of 90 questions will be asked in the question paper of NEET 2024 Biology.

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