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Things you need to know before pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan

Things you need to know before pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan: The country of Kazakhstan has a 99.7% literacy rate (7th position in the world), and it is located in the heart of Asia, With 18.7 million people. Almaty is the largest city there. Numerous medical schools in Almaty welcome overseas students to study there. Their educational standards are on par with those of Indian universities. Kazakhstan is the ideal alternative for those who wish to study MBBS overseas but are worried about the high tuition costs. Kazakhstan provides top-notch education at a fair and reasonable cost.

The best option for those pursuing MBBS overseas at a low tuition cost is to study in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is making progress in the area of global education. Students with degrees from Kazakhstan’s medical university are well-known and respected worldwide. Kazakhstan offers international students fantastic opportunities and boasts various languages and climates.

Why choose MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is quickly gaining popularity as a study-abroad option for Indian students. The popularity of MBBS in Kazakhstan is due to a variety of factors.

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Let’s examine a couple of them:

1.Kazakhstan’s MBBS programme has international recognition thanks to the WHO and NMC recognition of its universities.
2.There are no additional fees for students to pay, such as an admission fee or a donation fee. Universities only charge fair and accurate tuition fees.
3.In Kazakhstan’s medical universities, 25% of the seats are set aside for international students.
4.Students are exempt from taking language proficiency exams like the IELTS and TOEFL.
5.For foreign education, the cost of living is lower than in any other nation.
6.The length of the course is the same as that in India. A student has five years to complete the MBBS programme.
7.They have infrastructure up to international standards and well-equipped labs.
8.Research claims India is among the top 50 countries for sending the most students to Kazakhstan.
9.Finding Indian food is a challenge for students. There are Indian mess facilities in universities.
10.Kazakhstan has a low crime rate, so students don’t need to worry about security.
11.Kazakhstan’s MBBS programme has international recognition thanks to the WHO and NMC recognition of its universities.
12.By completing an internship in one of Kazakhstan’s top hospitals, you can give your career a good turn.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

The infrastructure of these universities is the best aspect of any medical university or college in Kazakhstan. Since the colleges were luxuriously constructed, everything from the classrooms to the labs to the nearby hospitals, research facilities, sports complexes, etc., is high calibre. The children have a better learning environment because of the excellent infrastructure.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan
Affordable FeesDespite having the best infrastructure, the institutions in this nation do not charge exorbitant prices. The costs are reasonable in every way. Kazakhstan’s most excellent MBBS programme will be available to parents and students from middle-class families.
With a focus on training and practical knowledge, the curriculum is created to equip doctors with the necessary theoretical and practical skills to deal with issues they may encounter in the real world.
Possibilities for employment/ Job opportunityStudents have the option of working anywhere in the world. Students from India can find employment both within India and abroad. Doctors are also employed in Kazakhstan’s hospitals, regardless of nationality. Work permits are simple to obtain.
Cultural ExposureThere is a sizable international student population here. And as a result, the kids become familiar with the various cultures of various individuals. Towns and cities are always a source of curiosity, and one can also explore them. The festivals are observed here and are enjoyable to participate in.
Inexpensive cost of livingAside from when students are pursuing an MBBS and living in dorms, the cost of living is relatively low. Even after that, finding housing is simple and reasonably priced if they decide to work here.

MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

Kazakhstan has been one of the popular MBBS options for every Indian student. According to a survey by the Kazakh government, India is among the top 50 nations that send the most students to Kazakhstan. For Indian students already enrolled in a course in Kazakhstan, their government authorities give enough security and safety. The cost of education is lower in Kazakhstan compared to the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Ukraine.

Most of the world’s students from Rajasthan study for the MBBS in Kazakhstan. To study medicine in Kazakhstan, Indian students must consider the instruction style. However, Kazakhstan is for students who are prepared to become respectable medical specialists at low costs.

Top MBBS Colleges in Kazakhstan

If you are searching for information about the Top MBBS Colleges in Kazakhstan, that will be your budget; this section provides information on the Best MBBS Colleges in Kazakhstan with World Ranking and their MBBS cost in Kazakhstan in Indian Currency. Let’s have a look. NameRanking MBBS Fee (INR)
Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University
05 5,30,700 /- (Annually)
2.JSC South Kazakhstan Medical Academy704,48,200 /- (Annually)
3.West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University Aktobe334,73,100/- (Annually)
4.Kokshetau State University373,15,400 /- (Annually)
5.Caspian International School of Medicine Almaty32.4,39,900/-(Annually)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kazakhstan suitable for MBBS?

Kazakhstan is a great option to study MBBS  as the country offers top Medical education on a low budget with outstanding career options and practical knowledge.

Is the MBBS degree from Kazakhstan valid in India?

Yes, the MBBS Degree from Kazakhstan is 100% valid in India. Kazakhstan has MCI/NMC-approved medical universities, but before practising in India, you have to qualify FMGE exam.

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How many marks are required in NEET for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

To get admission to MBBS in Kazakhstan, candidates must qualify for the NEET exam with a minimum of 147 marks for the open category and 113 for the Reserved Category.

Which country is better for MBBS, Russia or Kazakhstan?

Both countries are equally suitable for an MBBS degree. They both have similar education patterns and fee structures. It depends upon the student’s preference in which country they want to study.

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