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Top 10 Countries for Indian Students to Study MBBS Abroad at Low Cost.

Top 10 Countries for Indian Students to Study MBBS Abroad: The cost of obtaining an MBBS degree in India tends to be higher compared to many other countries, which prompts Indian students to explore studying abroad. Pursuing an MBBS abroad can cost around 60 lakh, whereas in India, it can be around 75 lahks. This significant price difference motivates students to consider overseas options. In India, rising tuition fees often push students towards government medical colleges, but the competition for admission to these institutions is fierce due to the limited number of seats available. To illustrate, according to NTA data, approximately 17-18 lakh applicants are competing for 51,148 MBBS seats in government colleges across the country.

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Therefore, if becoming a doctor is your goal, you must either work hard to pass the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) or search for universities that offer affordable MBBS programmes for Indian students abroad. Foreign MBBS programmes are reasonably cheap and provide high-quality instruction. But make sure you pick the best university overseas.

Top 10 Countries for Indian Students to Study MBBS Abroad

There are many countries to study MBBS, but here is the cheapest country for MBBS for Indian students. From this Top 10 list, choose the best countries for MBBS abroad for Indian students at low cost:

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Abroad Lead
S.No.Best Countries for MBBS Average MBBS Fee (INR)
1.RussiaRs. 15,00,000/- to Rs. 45,00,000/-
2.GeorgiaRs. 22,00,000/- to Rs. 26,00,000/-
3.KyrgyzstanRs. 8,10,000/- to Rs. 30,00,000
4.KazakhstanRs. 15,00,000/- to Rs. 28,00,000/-
5.ArmeniaRs. 20,00,000/- to Rs. 28,00,000/-
6.NepalRs. 46,00,000/- to Rs. 60,00,000/-
7.BangladeshRs. 12,00,000/- to Rs. 60,00,000
8.UzbekistanRs. 15,00,000/- to Rs. 25,00,000/-
9.EgyptRs. 22,00,000/- to Rs. 28,00,000/-
10.TajikistanRs. 20,00,000/- to Rs. 25,00,000/-
NOTE: The fee structure mentioned above can differ depending on the forex exchange rate.

1. Russia

This is surprising to most medical students; Russia is one of the least expensive places to study medicine. Compared to most European nations, Russia offers high-quality education at a reasonable cost and is the cheapest MBBS in the world. The Russian government offers up to 15,000 scholarships to international students who choose to pursue their studies there.

The cost of an MBBS degree from a European nation is relatively high, yet Russia offers affordable but top-notch education. To get admitted to Russian colleges for MBBS, you do not need to follow a set of rules. You may apply for 50% or more in your 12th-grade class.

MBBS in Russia

Top Medical University in Russia

In this section, we are providing some information about the Top Medical Universities in Russia; let’s look:

S.No.Top Universities for MBBS Tuition Fees
1.Kursk State Medical University$ 5580 (Annually)
2.Bashkir State Medical University $ 3605 (Annually)
3.North-West State Medical University$ 5060 (Annually)
4.Kazan Federal University Russia$ 5949 (Annually)
5.Kemerovo State Medical University$ 2733 (Annually)

2. Georgia

Georgia is a country located in the Caucasus region of Eastern Europe. It is a member of the United Nations and the World Health Organization. The medical universities in Georgia offer high-quality education that meets international standards. The teaching faculty is experienced and qualified, and the universities have state-of-the-art facilities. The medical universities in Georgia are recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC) of India, which allows Indian students to practice medicine in India after completing their MBBS degree from Georgia. Many Indian students have a strong desire to pursue an MBBS in Georgia.

The candidate must have completed their 12th grade from a recognized board with at least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The MBBS program in Georgia is taught entirely in English. This makes it easier for Indian students to adapt to their new environment and focus on their studies. If you are an Indian student who is interested in studying MBBS abroad, Georgia is a great option.

MBBS in Georgia
MBBS in Georgia

Top Medical University in Georgia

In this section, we are providing some information about the Top Medical Universities in Georgia; let’s look:

Study MBBS Abroad
S.NoTop Universities for MBBS Tuition Fees
1.Grigol Robakidze University Georgia$ 5,500/- (Annually)
2.Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University Georgia$ 7,000/- (Annually)
3.Georgian National University (SEU)$ 8500/- (Annually)
4.Georgian American University$ 6000/- (Annually)
5.BAU International University Batumi$ 6500/- (Annually)

3. Kyrgyzstan

For students who want to receive a top-notch education while travelling, gorgeous Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia is the ideal destination. As the least expensive country to study medicine, Kyrgyzstan has recently gained recognition among prospective medical students. Kyrgyzstan offers an economic English-taught MBBS programme along with the necessary supplies and facilities created especially for medical students.

Indian students get affordable MBBS programmes in Kyrgyzstan. Education will only cost between Rs. 12 and Rs. 18 lacks. It is best to think about this country if you desire to obtain an MBBS degree at a minimal cost. You can approach the college in July, and the admission process will be finished in 20 days. Anyone who earned at least a B average in Biology,
High school chemistry and physics are eligible to apply for the MBBS programme here.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Top Medical Colleges in Kyrgyzstan

In this section, we provide some information about the Top Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan; let’s have a look.

S.No.Top Universities for MBBS Tuition Fees
1.L.N. Medical College$ 4,000/- (Annually)
2.International Higher School of Medicine Kyrgyzstan$ 6,000/- (Annually)
3.Kyrgyz State Medical Academy$ 4,400/- (Annually)
4.Jalal-Abad State Medical University$ 3,700/- (Annually)
5.Osh State Medical University$ 3,600/- (Annually)

4. Kazakhstan

International students from all over the world recognize Kazakhstan as one of the least expensive countries in which to study. This is because, MBBS in Kazakhstan has the lowest living costs and tuition fees, offering every student a wide range of study options and a high standard of instruction. Kazakhstan is also one of the cheapest countries for overseas medical students.

IELTS and TOEFL exams must be passed if you wish to study medicine in Kazakhstan. Since this country has many internationally known institutions, you receive a high-quality medical education. Kazakhstan has many part-time job opportunities for students, allowing you to combine a part-time career with a quality education at one of the best universities.

Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan

In this section, we are providing some information about the Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan; let’s look:

S.No.Top Universities for MBBSTuition Fees
1.Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University $ 6400/- (Per-Year)
2.International Medical School IMS $ 4700/- (Per-Year)
3.South Kazakhstan Medical Academy$ 5400/- (Per-Year)
4.Caspian International School Of Medicine$ 5300/- (Per-Year)
5.West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University$ 5,700/- (Per-Year)

5. Armenia

Armenia is a reasonably small nation. Despite the country’s tiny size, it has the top universities with reasonable tuition. Every college in Armenia has received NMC and WHO approval. They are also known for having an excellent educational system. The benefit for Indian students is that English is the language of instruction.

Top Medical Universities in Armenia

In this section, we provide some information about the Top Medical Universities in Armenia; let’s have a look.

S.No.Top Universities for MBBS Tuition Fees
1.Armenian Medical Institute Armenia$ 3,800/- (Per-Year)
2.Yerevan Haybusak University Armenia$ 4,300/- (Per-Year)
3.University of Traditional Medicine Armenia$ 5,500/- (Per-Year)
4.St Tereza Medical University Armenia$ 4,000/- (Per-Year)

6. Nepal

Medical colleges in Nepal offer aspirants high-quality education. There is also lovely weather for them to enjoy. Many medical schools in Nepal accept students who want to pursue MBBS with the help of foreign experts. The Medical Council of India has approved the colleges in Nepal (NMC). When compared to other Western nations, MBBS from Nepal is incredibly affordable. Most Indian working-class families who dream of sending their children to study in foreign countries can afford the cost.

The most incredible thing about pursuing an MBBS in Nepal is that most institutions allow for payment in instalments, making it easier for families to cover tuition. The charge instalment schedule with a percentage provides families more time to pay, primarily through fundraising.

MBBS in-Nepal
MBBS in Nepal

Top Medical University in Nepal

In this section, we provide some information about the Top Medical Universities in Nepal; let’s look.

S.No.Top Universities for MBBS Tuition Fees
1.Lumbini Medical CollegeRs. 48,00,000/- (Total Tuition Fees)
2.Kathmandu University NepalRs. 37,00,000/- (Total Tuition Fees)
3.Nobel Medical CollegeRs. 42,60,000/- (Total Tuition Fees)
4.Birat Medical CollegeRs. 42,60,000/- (Total Tuition Fees)
5.Manipal Medical College NepalRs. 75,00,000/- (Total Tuition Fees)

7. Bangladesh

Bangladesh provides an economical, high-quality MBBS education accessible to all students. You would be a qualified candidate if you received a grade in Physics, Chemistry, or Biology in the 12th grade of at least 60%. International students and non-quota aspirants in private universities can apply for the SAARC quota. Hence, the admission requirements for International students and Bangladeshi students are different.

Bangladesh has a low cost of living and equally inexpensive universities that provide an excellent education at reasonable prices. Bangladesh is one of the least expensive MBBS countries for international students if they want to study medicine.

MBBS in Bangladesh

Top Medical University in Bangladesh

In this section, we are providing some information about the Top Medical Universities in Bangladesh. Let’s have a look.

S.No.Top Universities for MBBS Tuition Fees
1.Anwer Khan Medical College Bangladesh$ 44,000/- (Total Tuition Fees)
2.Dhaka National Medical College Bangladesh$ 50,000/- (Total Tuition Fees)
3.Dhaka Community Medical College Bangladesh$ 35,000/- (Total Tuition Fees)
4.Enam Medical College Bangladesh$ 41,000/- (Total Tuition Fees)
5.Uttara Women’s Medical College Bangladesh$ 40,000/- (Total Tuition Fees)

8. Uzbekistan

The top medical universities in Uzbekistan acknowledge the MBBS degree earned by Indian students from Poland via NMC. With them, the admissions process is quite simple; students and their parents must choose the university they want to attend and then give the admissions process time to run smoothly.

Top Medical Universities in Uzbekistan

In this section, we provide some information about the Top Medical Universities in Poland; let’s look.

S.No.Top Universities for MBBSTuition Fees
1.Samarkand State Medical University$ 5400/- (Per-Year)
2.Bukhara State Medical Institute$ 8,750/- (Per-Year)
3.Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan$ 4500/- (Per-Year)
4.Second Tashkent State Medical Institute$ 3500/- (Per-Year)
5.Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health$ 3,500/- (Per-Year)

9. Egypt

One of the most acceptable options for Indian students seeking an affordable MBBS degree is Egypt. Egypt colleges use an American teaching methodology. So, with quality education, communication skills will also improve. The NMC screening test can be passed with ease. The price will be about Rs. 25 lakhs, less than the cost of an MBBS programme at an Indian university.

Additionally, pursuing an MBBS in Egypt allows you to work in the US, the UK, and other Middle Eastern nations.

Top Medical Universities in Egypt

In this section, we provide some information about the Top Medical Universities in Egypt; let’s have a look. Universities for MBBS Tuition Fees
1.Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine Egypt$ 7500/- (Per-Year)
2.Cairo University Faculty of Medicine$ 7500/- (Per-Year)
3.Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine$ 7500/- (Per-Year)

10. Tajikistan

Tajikistan is known for having a rapidly expanding educational system that is currently overtaking other methods in the world rankings, in addition to its solid economic capabilities. Not only is studying medicine in Tajikistan the most affordable option, but a medical degree earned there is also respected and recognized internationally.

Top Medical Colleges in Tajikistan

In this section, we provide some information about the Top Medical Universities in Tajikistan; let’s look. Universities for MBBS Tuition Fees
1.Avicenna Tajik State Medical University$ 5500/- (Per-Year)


There are numerous best and inexpensive places to study MBBS, including Kazakhstan, Nepal, Russia, Egypt, Georgia, Bangladesh, and many more. However, you must pick a nation and university that has an affordable fee structure for the MBBS programme, as well as excellent international exposure and infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which country is best for MBBS for Indian students at a low cost?

Kyrgyzstan, China, Philippines offer MBBS courses at low fees compared to other countries.

What is the MBBS fee abroad?

The fee structure of every country’s medical universities is different, but the fees for MBBS abroad can be between 3-10 lakh.

Which country has the most Indian students studying MBBS?

Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia and China have the most Indian students.

Which country offers the shortest MBBS Course Duration?

The MBBS course Duration in Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan is 5 years, which is shorter than in Russia, Georgia, etc.

Can you study MBBS for free?

No medical college offers free MBBS abroad. All medical universities abroad charge international students pursuing medical courses on their campuses. However, several universities offer MBBS education at low costs.

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