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How to study Chemistry for NEET 2024? Best Books, Important Topics, Strategy, Time Table etc.

How to study Chemistry for NEET: NEET 2024 will be held for admission to 91,927 MBBS seats, 26,949 BDS seats, 52,720 AYUSH seats, 525 BVSc seats, and AH seats offered by respective medical colleges in India. Students frequently undervalue NEET Chemistry preparation because the exam’s difficulty level is moderate and the weightage of the questions is lower than that of the Biology section. This causes anxiety before the exam and results in low NEET Chemistry scores. The most important thing to remember here is that the NEET Chemistry section has a weightage of 25% in the examination.

Throughout this article, we will go over how to study chemistry for NEET 2024 to score 140+ points with a month to go. Additionally, aspirants will understand accurately how to study chemistry for NEET 2024, including chapter-wise weightage, important topics and sections, and the best books to score higher in chemistry. The article will give the candidates important NEET preparation tips to help them pass the entrance exam.

NEET 2024 Chemistry Exam Pattern

When we look at how to study Chemistry for NEET, the major thing is understanding the NEET Exam Pattern. The table below contains the Chemistry section’s structure in the NEET 2024 exam.

ChemistryNumber of QuestionsMarking Scheme
Chemistry Section A35140
Chemistry Section B1540
Total50 (45 applicable for attempt)180

How to Prepare for NEET Chemistry 2024 (Strategies)

NEET 2024 Chemistry Important Topics

Organic ChemistryInorganic ChemistryPhysical Chemistry
AminesD Block ElementsAtomic Structure
Organic Compounds Containing OxygenClassification of Elements & PeriodicityMole Concept & Stoichiometry
Environmental ChemistryChemical Bonding and Molecular StructureRedox Reactions & Electrochemistry
Basic Principles of Organic ChemistryCoordination CompoundsThermochemistry & Thermodynamics
BiomoleculesP Block ElementsEquilibrium
Hydrocarbons and their substituentsPractical ChemistrySurface Chemistry
F Block ElementsStates of Matter & Solutions
PolymersHydrogen and S Block ElementsNuclear Chemistry & Chemical Kinetics

NEET Chemistry Preparation 2024: Weightage of Important Topics

The perfect method to solving the NEET chemistry section involves understanding the essential topics, the syllabus, and their weightage. The following table brings the topics from the NEET Chemistry Chapter Wise Weightage as assigned.

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Inorganic Chemistry-I (Topic)Number of QuestionsWeightage (22%)
Chemical Bonding49%
Periodic Table & Periodicity in Properties24%
Inorganic Chemistry-II (Topic)Number of QuestionsWeightage (12%)
Coordination Compounds36%
d-block & f-block Elements24%
Qualitative Analysis12%
Organic Chemistry-I (Topic)Number of QuestionsWeightage (8%)
General Organic Chemistry25%
Organic Chemistry-I (Topic)Number of QuestionsWeightage (26%)
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids23%
Alkyl Halide, Alcohol & Ether24%
Aromatic Compounds36%
Carbonyl Compounds24%
Organic Compounds containing nitrogen23%
Chemistry in Everyday Life23%
Environmental chemistry12%
IUPAC & Isomerism24%
Practical Organic Chemistry12%
Physical Chemistry-I (Topic)Number of Questionsweightage (17%)
Atomic Structure & Nuclear Chemistry13%
Chemical Equilibrium13%
Ionic Equilibrium24%
Redox Reactions12%
Gaseous State13%
Mole Concept25%
Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry13%
Physical Chemistry-II (Topic)Number of QuestionsWeightage (15%)
Chemical Kinetics24%
Solid State13%
Solution & Colligative Properties24%
Surface Chemistry12%

What are the Best Books for NEET Chemistry?

Candidates preparing for the NEET 2024 exam must use Chemistry NCERT books for classes 11 and 12 NCERT Book. Candidates must choose the best NEET books that can be helpful to crack the NEET exam. Selecting the best books is undoubtedly the most important preparation for NEET UG. These books also included the most important topics & relevant resources from the excess of study materials available in the market. More practice from the best books will help you to enhance the preparation strategy, speed, and accuracy level.

Best Book for NEET 2024 Chemistry

Sr. NoName of Books
1.NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Class XI
2.NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Class XII
3.Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon
4.ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 by Modern
5.ABC of Chemistry for Classes 12 by Modern
6.Dinesh Chemistry Guide
7.Practise books by VK Jaiswal (Inorganic), MS Chauhan (Organic)
and N Awasthi (Physical)
8.Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee

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NEET 2024 Analysis for Chemistry Section

In this section, we take last year’s Chemistry NEET analysis in terms of topics, difficulty level, weightage and coverage of the NEET 2024 syllabus

Section A 

The table below shows the number and difficulty level of chemistry questions in Section A by topic.

Organic Chemistry Class 113003
Organic Chemistry Class 123508
Inorganic Chemistry Class 114318
Inorganic Chemistry Class 121225
Physical Chemistry Class 110314
Physical Chemistry Class 123327
Total 1316635

Section B

The table below shows the number and difficulty level of Chemistry questions in Section B by topic.

Organic Chemistry Class 111203
Organic Chemistry Class 121113
Inorganic Chemistry Class 110000
Inorganic Chemistry Class 122103
Physical Chemistry Class 110303
Physical Chemistry Class 121113
Total 58215

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the NEET syllabus reduced for 2024?

There is no change in the NEET 2024 syllabus officially announced yet.

What are the important topics for the Chemistry section?

The important topics for the Chemistry section include Surface Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Hydrocarbons, Thermodynamics, etc.

How many questions will be there from each section?

There will be 180 questions in NEET 2024, out of which 90 will be from Biology and 45 from Physics and Chemistry.

Which chapters have more weightage in NEET?

From Physics subjects, Thermodynamics and Optics, while Chemistry, Thermodynamics and Carbon Compounds have the highest weightage of NEET 2024. While Biology, Diversity from Living Organisms, Human Physiology and Genetics and Evolution have a better chapter-wise weightage of NEET 2024.

How many questions are asked in the NEET Chemistry subjects?

NEET Chemistry question paper comprises 45 questions.

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