Career in Pathology: Courses, Jobs, Scope, Salary & Top Colleges

    Career in Pathology in India

    Pathology is defined as the science of abnormalities in the body. Clinical Pathology, Anatomic Pathology, and Forensic Pathology are the three important branches of Pathology. Anatomic Pathology focuses on the evolution of tissue either as a specimen taken at surgery. Clinical Pathology involves bone marrow biopsies and peripheral smears.The following article will give you a brief idea about the Career in Pathology in India.

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    Career in Pathology in India
    Career in Pathology in India

    Forensic Pathology is aimed at medical-legal autopsies and investigating the cause of deaths which are happened outside of a hospital. Pathology is most interesting and stimulating career at the same time. Throughout this article, every aspect related to Pathology will be discussed.Read depth info on different Pathology jobs available after doing Pathology courses in India.

    A career in Pathology in India

    What is Pathology?

    Pathology is a medical discipline that deals with the study of causes and effect of various diseases. A person who is trained in Pathology is called as a Pathologist. Pathologists examine body fluids and tissues to study the cause and behaviour of a disease in order to diagnose it completely. When a person or a living organism gets affected by a disease, it may bring out some functional as well as structural changes in their body.

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    The study of such changes in the body can be termed as Pathology. Pathology is a broad field which can be classified further into several branches. Neuropathology, Hematopathology, Cytopathology, Renal Pathology and Dermatopathology are some popular ones among them.

    What are the duties of a Pathologist?

    Some important jobs of a Pathologist are listed below:

    • Record data from autopsies, laboratory results and investigation reports
    • Manage medical laboratories
    • Analyse various methods to cure a disease after the disease has been studied thoroughly
    • Develop new tools and instruments for the proper diagnosis of a disease
    • Participate in conferences, group talks, seminars etc to gain knowledge
    • Educate laboratory technicians, students and staffs about latest medical technologies

    Pathology Courses in India

    To work as Pathologist or to make a career in Pathology, one can earn a degree in following Pathology courses.

    (A) Master of Science in Medical Technology (M.Sc. Med.Tech.) in Pathology

    • Eligibility: Graduation
    • Course Duration: 2 years

    (B) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pathology

    • Eligibility: Post Graduation
    • Course Duration: 3 years

    (C) Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in Pathology

    • Eligibility: MBBS
    • Course Duration: 2 years

    (D) Certificate Courses in Pathology

    • Eligibility: Graduation
    • Course Duration: 1 year

    Future Prospects of Pathology?

    As the worldwide population increases, the healthcare needs also increases.  Pathologists are extremely in demand with the huge rise in susceptible diseases such as cancer. A Pathologist can do single practice or group practice as per their convenience once a degree in Pathology is obtained. Those who have a love for teaching can even grab a teaching position department at colleges and universities pursuing Pathology.

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    There are many private as well as government hospital providing job opportunities for a pathologist. A Pathologist can work in healthcare or medical clinics as Pathologist or Supervisor or Research partner. Being a Pathologists, since the chances for emergencies are very less their life will somewhat stress free than other physicians.


    There are many private as well as government hospital that offers high Paid Jobs to a pathologist. As a fresher and a newbie to this field, your starting salary may be somewhere around 10k to 15k. Bust as you grow and learn to do the things properly, you can start your own Pathology Lab. After gaining experience, there is a rise in salary and it can go up to Rs 50,000 per month in very few years.

    Top institutes in India offering Pathology:

    Many colleges in India offers Pathology courses. Some of the best Pathology colleges in India offering Career in Pathology are as followed.

    • Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi
    • Lady Hardinge Medical College, Vellore
    • Christian Medical College, Tamil Nadu
    • University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
    • Pariyaram Medical College, Kannur
    • Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Jharkhand

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    Career in Pathology: Courses, Jobs, Scope, Salary & Top Colleges
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