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NEET UG NRI Quota Cut-off 2024-25: Deemed Colleges, State-Wise Cut-off, Mgmt Quota etc.

Are you aiming to pursue medical education in India as an NRI candidate? Understanding the NEET UG NRI Quota cut-off is essential for your success. In this article, we break down everything you need to know about the NEET UG NRI Quota cut-off and how it impacts your chances of admission.

The NEET UG NRI Quota cut-off refers to the minimum score required by NRI students to secure admission in medical colleges in India. It is a highly competitive category, and knowing the cut-off score can help you strategically plan your preparation and increase your chances of getting into your dream college.

Don’t let the NEET UG NRI Quota cut-off catch you off guard. Stay informed and ahead of the competition. Read on to gain valuable insights into this important aspect of NRI admissions in medical colleges in India.


Name of ExaminationNational Eligibility cum Entrance Test (U.G.) or NEET-UG
Conducted byNational Testing Agency (NTA)
Application BeginsFebruary to March 2024
Application EndApril 2024
NEET 2024 Admit CardMay 2024
NEET Exam 20245 May 2024
Result Declaration4 June 2024
Counselling ProcessJuly/ August
Batches StartSeptember

Factors Affecting the NEET UG NRI Quota Cut-off

Several factors influence the NEET UG NRI Quota cut-off score each year. Understanding these factors can help you gauge the level of competition and plan your preparation accordingly.

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1. Number of NRI applicants: The higher the number of NRI applicants, the more competitive the NRI Quota becomes. As the popularity of medical education in India among NRIs continues to grow, the number of applicants vying for limited seats increases significantly.

2. Number of available seats: The number of seats allocated for NRI candidates varies across medical colleges. Some colleges reserve a fixed number of seats for NRI students, while others have a percentage-based allocation. Understanding the seat availability in your preferred colleges is crucial for estimating your chances of admission.

3. Reservation policies: Medical colleges in India follow reservation policies that allocate a certain percentage of seats for different categories, such as SC, ST, OBC, and others. These reservation policies directly impact the NEET UG NRI Quota cut-off as the number of available seats for NRI candidates is further reduced.

It’s important to stay updated with the latest information regarding these factors to have a realistic understanding of the NEET UG NRI Quota cut-off.

NEET UG NRI Quota Cut-off

This section provides information about the NEET UG NRI Quota Cut-off.

NEET UG 2024 Cutoff

NTA has released the NEET UG 2024 Cutoff. You can check the percentile and no of students here.

CategoryCut off PercentileCut off ScoreNo. of CandidatesCategoryCut off PercentileCut off ScoreNo. of Candidates
UR/EWS50th Percentile720-1641165904UR/EWS – PwD45th Percentile163-146455
OBC40th Percentile163-129100769OBC-PwD40th Percentile145-129270
SC40th Percentile163-12934326S C-PwD40th Percentile145-12955
ST40th Percentile163-12914478S T-PwD40th Percentile141-12911

NEET UG 2023 Cutoff (Previous Years)

The following is the NEET UG cutoff 2023:

CategoryNEET 2023 Cut off PercentileNEET 2023 Cut-off MarksNo. of Candidates
General/ EWS50th Percentile720-1301014372
OBC40th Percentile136-10788592
SC40th Percentile136-10729918
ST40th Percentile136-10712437
General/ EWS- PH45th Percentile136-121405
OBC- PH40th Percentile120-107179
SC- PH40th Percentile120-10750
ST- PH40th Percentile120-10823

Deemed Medical Colleges NEET UG NRI Quota Cut-off 2023 and 2022

In this section, We provide information about the NEET UG NRI Quota cut-off for deemed medical colleges in 2023 and 2022.

StateInstitute R1R2R1R2
KarnatakaKasturba Medical College, Manipal217638 (37)226794 (37)521687 (38)584046 (38)
KarnatakaKasturba Medical College, Mangalore303873 (38)347678 (38)563759 (37)646486 (37)
MaharashtraMGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai797641 (23)797641 (23)653414 (30)642362 (30)
MaharashtraSymbiosis Medical College Pune593517 (22)593517 (22)724810 (23)710206 (23)
MaharashtraMahatma Gandhi Mission Vashi762575 (15)761627 (15)
HaryanaAmrita School of Med. Faridabad860715 (4)860715 (7)
HaryanaMMU, Mullana, Ambala1042451 (4)1042451 (5)882509 (3)
KeralaAmrita School of Medicine, Kochi821978 (23)821978 (23)824517 (17)904190 (20)
KarnatakaShri BM Patil Medical College Bijapur872793 (12)947356 (14)929566 (3)929566 (4)
MaharashtraMGM Medical College Aurangabad1006870 (23)1006870 (23)952711 (30)952711 (30)
Tamil NaduSree Balaji Medical College Chennai798235 (1)955322 (1)
DelhiHamdard Medical College Delhi654807 (22)681823 (22)980095 (22)980095 (19)
MaharashtraDY Patil Medical College Kolhapur408018 (1)986034 (7)
OdishaKalinga Institute of Medical Sciences Bhubaneswar914256 (34)914256 (37)1010813 (37)1010813 (37)
Uttar PradeshSantosh Medical College, Ghaziabad781045 (1)909261 (4)805284 (1)1037455 (6)
GujaratSBKS Medical College Vadodara724939 (12)920993 (12)1046916 (5)1046916 (8)
MaharashtraBVDU Medical College Sangli841396 (9)910680 (16)1110592 (1)1110592 (15)
KarnatakaJawaharlal Nehru Medical College Belgaum947356 (30)874001 (30)1127207 (24)1127207 (30)
Tamil NaduSri Ramachandra Medical College Chennai716247 (38)728014 (38)1022266 (26)1130988 (26)
KarnatakaSri Devaraj Urs Medical College Kolar846917 (11)1038473 (15)1130988 (10)1071225 (15)
Andhra PradeshGITAM Medical College Vizag865960 (5)837548 (6)1132339 (4)1132339 (4)
KarnatakaKS Hegde Medical College Mangalore473179 (23)473179 (23)1136550 (30)1136550 (30)
KarnatakaJSS Medical College Mysore852059 (38)842003 (38)1140873 (26)1140873 (31)
MaharashtraJawaharlal Nehru Medical College Wardha876665 (14)929461 (35)1094767 (11)1142871 (24)
MaharashtraBharati Vidyapeeth Medical College Pune841884 (16)841884 (20)996865 (13)1152545 (20)
KarnatakaYenepoya Medical College, Mangalore755810 (23)741779 (23)1153406 (22)1153406 (24)
MaharashtraPravara Institute of Medical Sciences Loni981880 (10)981880 (27)1154767 (10)1154767 (30)
KarnatakaSri Siddhartha IMS, T. Begur511699 (2)783136 (2)1163529 (2)1163529 (1)
KarnatakaRajarajeswari Medical College, Bangalore975620 (4)1008384 (11)977521 (6)1178093 (11)
MaharashtraDatta Meghe Medical College Nagpur763328 (4)947715 (10)1184532 (11)1184800 (22)
MaharashtraKrishna Institute of Medical Science Karad857306 (18)857306 (38)1190971 (11)1190971 (30)
KarnatakaJGMM Medical College Karnataka871867 (8)871867 (11)1021612 (1)1202729 (9)
KarnatakaSiddhartha Medical College, Tumkur1029397 (6)1029397 (17)1206440 (10)1206440 (15)
OdishaInstitute of Medical Science & SUM Hospital Bhubaneswar1007886 (30)1007886 (38)1215544 (33)1010756 (38)
MaharashtraDY Patil Medical College Pimpri, Pune873923 (15)1042020 (21)1217049 (17)1217049 (21)
MaharashtraDY Patil Medical College Navi Mumbai1029490 (12)1029490 (38)1128776 (14)1217773 (27)
PondicherrySri Lakshmi Narayana Institute of Medical Sciences Puducherry137023 (1)
Tamil NaduACS Medical College, Chennai378223 (1)
PondicherryAarupadai Veedu Medical College, Pondicherry635462 (1)
Tamil NaduSRM Medical College, Kancheepuram296991 (1)784325 (1)
PondicherryMahatma Gandhi Medical College Pondicherry775564 (3)882424 (2)
Tamil NaduChettinad Medical College881506 (1)1032308 (3)

NEET UG NRI Quota vs. Management Quota: What’s the difference?

It is important to distinguish between the NRI quota and the management quota in NEET UG. While both provide reserved seats, they cater to different categories of candidates.

The NRI quota is specifically for NRI candidates, as discussed earlier. On the other hand, the management quota is for candidates who do not fall under any reserved category but seek admission through management seats. Private medical colleges usually fill these seats based on their own criteria.

NRI candidates must understand the difference between these two quotas to make informed decisions during the admission process.

Preparation Tips for NEET UG NRI Quota Aspirants

Securing admission through the NRI Quota requires dedicated preparation and strategic planning. Here are some tips to help you improve your chances:

  • 1. Start early: Begin your NEET UG preparation well in advance to give yourself ample time to cover the syllabus thoroughly. Starting early also allows you to revise and practice extensively.
  • 2. Understand the exam pattern: Familiarize yourself with the NEET UG exam pattern and syllabus. Focus on the topics that carry more weightage and practice solving previous years’ question papers.
  • 3. Take mock tests: Regularly take mock tests to assess your preparation level and identify areas that need improvement. Mock tests simulate the actual exam environment and help you manage time effectively.
  • 4. Seek guidance: Enroll in a reputable coaching institute or seek guidance from experienced mentors who can provide valuable insights and strategies for NEET UG preparation.
  • 5. Stay updated: Keep yourself updated with the latest changes in the NEET UG syllabus, exam pattern, and any notifications related to the NRI Quota. This will ensure that you are well-prepared and aware of any updates that might impact your chances of admission.

Remember, consistent and focused preparation is the key to success in NEET UG and securing admission through the NRI Quota.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NRI Quota in NEET UG?

The NRI Quota in NEET UG refers to the seats reserved for NRI candidates in medical colleges in India. These seats have separate cut-off criteria and are allocated exclusively to NRI students.

Is the NEET UG NRI Quota cut-off higher than the general category cut-off?

Yes, the NEET UG NRI Quota cut-off is generally higher than the general category cut-off. This is because the number of seats available under the NRI Quota is limited, leading to increased competition among NRI applicants.

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Is the NRI Quota applicable to all medical colleges in India?

No, not all medical colleges in India have an NRI Quota. The availability of NRI Quota seats varies across colleges, and it’s essential to research and choose colleges that offer NRI Quota admission.

Can NRI students apply through other categories apart from the NRI Quota?

Yes, NRI students can apply through other categories such as the general category or the management quota if they meet the eligibility criteria. However, the NRI Quota provides a specific reservation for NRI candidates.

What is the NEET cut-off for the NRI quota?

To apply under the NRI quota, you usually need to score at least the 50th percentile marks in NEET. A score above 300 can get you into a good college. But remember, the NEET cut-off for the NRI quota varies based on the state or college you’re applying to.

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