Siddha Medicine Courses – Career, Jobs & Top Siddha Medical College.

Siddha medicine is one of the traditional Indian medicine systems. The word Siddha literally means acquiring knowledge and those who have acquired sufficient knowledge in Siddha medicine are known as Siddhars or Siddha Doctors or Siddha Specialists. It is said that this branch of medicine is formed apps a contribution of eighteen Siddha specialists. The following article will give you a brief idea about the Careers in Siddha medicine in India. Read depth info on different Siddha jobs available after doing Siddha medicine course.

Siddha specialists treat and diagnose diseases based on methods described in Siddha book which is written in Tamil. Hence Siddha medicine is more popular around places in India whose native language is Tamil.  Do you really want to become Siddha specialist and wonder how to get started? This article will help you solve all such questions.


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What is Siddha?

Siddha Medicine is a traditional Indian treatment system originated in south India focused on eight supernatural powers. The Siddhars believe that a good soul lives only in a healthy body and this concept made them believe the importance of Siddha medicine. Siddha medicine is better suited for all forms of diseases except emergencies.

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All diseases ranging from diseases that concerning skin (especially Psoriasis) to sexual diseases or urinary infections or even common diseases such as fever, cold, headache, allergies etc. Siddhars start the treatment stage only after the root causes of a disease is confirmed and this is done by testing heartbeats, skin colour, eyes, sound, tongue, and digestion process. Siddha Medicine Course is more concerned with the patient’s age, background, sex, habits and health conditions rather than the disease.

Various Siddha Medicine Course in India.

To work as Siddha medicine Specialist or to make a career in Siddha medicine, one can earn a degree in following Siddha medicine course. 

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Course Name Eligibility Duration
Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery (BSMS) Higher Secondary (10+2) with Biology 1/2 Years
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in Siddha Graduation
Certificate Courses in Siddha Higher Secondary (10+2) with Science stream Few months to one year

Career prospects & job opportunities for Siddha doctors?

Many sectors offer rewarding, challenging and well-paying job opportunities for Siddha Specialists. The government has started a separate division for Siddha Medicine known as Centre Council for Research in Siddha (CCRA) and this proves the importance of Siddha Medicine in India. The CCRA recruits many Siddha Specialists as research professionals every year.

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There is a countless number of institutes in India offering Siddha Medicine and well qualified Siddha professionals can apply for teaching positions under Siddha department. Many sectors such as Ministry of Health of AYUSH, Central Research Council, Health Department, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Laboratories, Pharma Industries etc offer multiple job opportunities for Siddha Doctors.

Top Siddha Medical College in India.

Many colleges in India offers Siddha medicine course. Some of the best Siddha medical colleges in India are as followed.

  • Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai
  • Government Siddha Medical College, Tirunelveli
  • Santhigiri Siddha Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  • T.S.V.S. Siddha Medical College, Kanyakumari
  • Sivaraj Siddha Medical College, Salem
  • Shri Shantigiri Siddha Medical College, Calicut
  • National Institute of Siddha, Chennai

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Siddha Medicine Courses - Career, Jobs & Top Siddha Medical College.
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